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NOTICE - Latest software V1.1.0 was formally released on 23/05/2024.

We're excited to announce the release of Version 1.1.0 of our Algoforce E1500 software, introducing a highly anticipated feature: Audio Treble Setting (patent pending). This new functionality allows users to finely tune the audio treble output to their personal preferences.

Key Features:

Audio Treble Setting:

Different headphones exhibit varying audio frequency responses, leading to inconsistent audio experiences. Some headphones may dampen high-frequency components, thereby reducing clarity. Additionally, older users may experience decreased sensitivity to high frequencies, which are crucial for generating the crisp and sharp audio needed for effective metal detection. Conversely, excessive high-frequency components can render audio harsh and unpleasant. Therefore, optimal levels of high-frequency components should be customized to individual users and their respective headphones or speakers.

With the ability to adjust the treble, users can now enhance or diminish the prominence of higher-pitched sounds, thereby influencing the overall tonal balance of the audio. Increasing the treble yields a brighter, crisper sound, while decreasing it produces a softer, mellower sound. This feature offers users the flexibility to tailor audio feedback to align with their individual detecting styles, whether they prefer crisper or softer audio responses.

Optimised Coil Selection Interface:

The interface has been redesigned for easier understanding during the coil calibration process. Progress indicators now show which detection mode is being calibrated. Detailed messages guide users on actions to take if a coil is deemed not optimal, enhancing the overall user experience.

Finer Adjustment Step for Audio Threshold:

The adjustment step for the Audio Threshold has been fine-tuned, allowing for much smoother adjustments. This enhancement enables precise control, setting the audio threshold just to the point of audibility, making it easier to detect very faint target signals.

This update ensures that our metal detector is more adaptable and user-friendly, catering to a wider range of audio preferences and improving the coil calibration process.

Please follow the Software Upgrade Instructions on page 16 of the user manual to upgrade the software. You can also watch Simon's demonstration on YouTube.

IMPORTANT: After the software upgrade, it is crucial to perform a factory reset.


The AlgoForce E1500 is a pulse induction metal detector that excels at locating very small gold nuggets in often complex mineralised soils found in most goldfields. Developed by AlgoForce Pty Ltd, it harnesses patented Ultra-Fine pulse induction technology, which is capable of detecting even the tiniest of gold nuggets. This sensitivity matches that of VLF gold detectors in low mineral soils, but being a PI detector, it has a bigger advantage in highly mineralised terrains. 

Both VLF and PI metal detectors come with their own array of advantages and limitations. The choice between the two hinges on the user's specific requirements and budget. The AlgoForce E1500 bridges the gap, offering a high performance, cost effective PI alternative for users seeking a detector that combines VLF's sensitivity to small nuggets and fine jewellery, but with a Pulse Induction detectors ability to detect in mineralised soils and on beaches.

Works very well with Nugget Finder Evolution coils, but other recommended coils include: Minelab 8" Commander Mono, Detech 8" Mono, and older Nugget Finder advantage 12x7" Mono etc. *Not compatible with DD coils.


  • Patented Ultra-Fine pulse induction technology for detecting small gold nuggets
  • 3-piece Carbon Fibre stem for compact pack down
  • Powered by any portable USB power bank (not included) 
  • Patented technology for ambient sound awareness in headphone mode
  • Wide sensitivity range
  • Stable conductive target ID (0-99) in pinpoint mode even in highly mineralised soils
  • Dual ground balanced detection channels for different sized nuggets
  • Four detection modes - Ultra-Fine, Fine, Normal, Large (Salt)
  • Lightweight (840g without coil or powerbank)
  • Compatible with all 5-pin SD/GP/GPX series compatible mono coils*
  • Coil optimisation function, with five coil save slots 
  • Auto or Manual Frequncy Scan (Noise Cancel)
  • Auto Ground Balance reset
  • Real time scrolling signal display
  • Independant threshold, tone and volume levels
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • More than 20 hours of battery life for a common 15000mAh power bank


Dear Valued AlgoForce Customer,

We appreciate your continued interest in our products and would like to inform you that our popular AlgoForce E1500 is currently out of stock due to high demand. We understand how eager you are to get your hands on the AlgoForce E1500, and we want to ensure that you don't miss out on the opportunity to secure your unit.

We are thrilled to announce that preorders are now open, allowing you to reserve your E1500 before the next shipment arrives. To place your preorder, you can choose one of the following methods:

  1. Contact us by filling out the contact form.
  2. Contact our dealer: Phase Technical.
  3. Contact our dealer: The Propector's Depot.
  4. Contact our dealer: DETECT-ED Australia.
  5. Contact our dealer: Aussie Detectorist.
  6. Contact our dealer: The Prospectors Patch.
  7. Contact our dealer: Night Sky Secrets.

Acting promptly ensures that you'll be among the first to receive your AlgoForce E1500 when the new stock arrives. Our current lead time is approximately 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to fulfill your orders.

Thank you for choosing AlgoForce, and we look forward to delivering a top-notch product that lives up to your expectations.

Best regards,



The user manual and the quick start guide are both available on the Downloads page.