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AlgoForce Pty Ltd

AlgoForce E1500 BASIC Package

AlgoForce E1500 BASIC Package

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Uncover Gold with Ultra-Fine Pulse Induction Technology: VLF Sensitivity, PI Power, Affordable Excellence!

Designed & Assembled in Australia by ALGOFORCE PTY LTD

NOTE: The AlgoForce E1500 Basic Package does not include either a coil or a power bank. Thus, you need to have your own coils and power banks ready. The strength of the E1500 lies in its sensitivity to small nuggets. Therefore, we have only tested the E1500 with small to medium coils. The largest coil we tested is the NF 14”x9” Evo. Although larger coils with electrical parameters in spec will work with the E1500 control box without any problem, the shaft could rotate slightly and become wobbly when extra-large and heavy coils are used. The shaft is made of 3 pieces of carbon fiber rods. The lower piece cannot rotate with respect to the middle piece. However, the middle piece can rotate freely with respect to the upper piece when the upper hand-tighten spin lock is released. This is by design. This design offers advantages such as the ability to rotate the coil for compact storage and accommodating users who prefer a slight tilt in the handle for comfort. For small to medium coils, the upper hand-tighten spin lock can firmly secure the middle piece when tightened. However, for extra-large and heavy coils, it could become slightly loose. Please also note that over-tightening the spin locks could cause damage to them.


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